American Lamb is versatile, nutritious and flavorful—raised sustainably with integrity.

Elevated Everyday

Special Occasions

Comfort Classics

Whether it's an elevated weeknight dinner, a comfortable home-cooked meal or a special occasion, American Lamb has the versatility and flavor to help you create memories and embrace fun in the kitchen - no chef skills required.

The American Lamb Story

Farmers, ranchers, shepherds, sheep dogs, families, and communities have not only lived and worked but thrived as a result of one of the most ancient and revered foods. Not many foods carry the longevity of the story of lamb. Today it continues to unfold across the U.S. as over 80,000 family farmers and ranchers wake up each day to write their own chapter in the story of American Lamb.

Choosing American Lamb means supporting our nation's farmers and ranchers while enjoying a quality product that is both flavorful and nourishing.
Our Story

Local and Fresh

Lamb from your neighbors, raised with integrity. American Lamb is raised in nearly all 50 states, making your local lamb purchase up to 10,000 miles and 30 days fresher than imported product. US Shepherds are committed to animal wellbeing and environmental stewardship.
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Grazing is Good

Raising American Lamb helps improve the health, productivity and biodiversity of American pastures and rangelands Sheep are stewards of the land/Sheep grazing has many benefits.
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Elevated Flavor

Take your tastebuds on an adventure American Lamb is flavor forward, providing effortless elevation to everyday meal-planning.
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American Lamb is a nutrition powerhouse, without the guilt. Protein-packed and nutrient-dense, American Lamb is a delicious ingredient for a healthy lifestyle—a whole food for the whole body.
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