March 17, 2023


Lamb Jam Restaurant Month

May 2023 | Denver

Lamb Jam Restaurant Month is an epic dining experience that brings together the most talented chefs to celebrate family operated farms and ranches raising sheep in the U.S.

At each participating location, chefs will create and serve their most impressive American lamb small plate to win over your palate.

Featured Denver Chefs

Nicholas Kayser (Boulder Location)

Nicholas Kayser
Colorado Lamb 
Birria Dip 
Lamb French Dip, Cilantro, Onions, Green Chili Birria Jus

Hosea Rosenberg

Hosea Rosenberg
Smoked Buckner Ranch Lamb
Croquette, pickled ramps, peas, mint, aioli

Bo Porytko

Bo Porytko
XinJiang Cumin 
Lamb Skewer  
shredded and pressed cumin lamb shoulder, tempura battered, fried

TY Leon

Ty Leon
Braised Lamb Shoulder Sacchetti
with English Peas, Black Olive and Rhubarb

Linda Hampsten Fox

Linda Hampsten Fox
Lamb Pastrami Reuben

Kenny Minton

Kenny Minton
Lamb and Saffron Suppli
radicchio, orange aioli

Jeremy Wolgamott

Jeremy Wolgamott
Grilled Leg 
of Lamb
with cucumber, Ravigote, Upland Cress

Brian Wilson  (LoHi Location)

Brian Wilson
Crispy Lamb Shoulder
in ramp cream, maitake, potato, served with sourdough piada
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