American Lamb: Raised Sustainably with Integrity.

Before it reaches your plate, American Lamb is raised by shepherds and their families with thoughtful grazing that provides a wholesome diet for the animals and a cost-effective solution for natural land management. These family farmers and ranchers are passionate about providing you with high quality food and fiber in a way that sustains the industry, supports our communities, and preserves our land and resources for future generations.

How? Sheep are amazingly sustainable animals! They help boost the health, productivity, and biodiversity of American pastures1 by enhancing landscapes, improving habitat and supporting wildfire prevention. Grazing even positively contributes to the sustainability of other agriculture industries.

From large-scale range operations in the west to smaller farm flocks in the east, American Lamb is raised with integrity by your neighbors in nearly all 50 states. This means your family enjoys meat that’s 30 days fresher than imported products, locally curated and always hormone free.

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