7 cities. 54 chefs. It's Lamb Jam Restaurant Month.
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April 22, 2024

Lamb Jam 2024 – Seattle

Lamb Jam Restaurant Month is an epic dining experience that brings together the most talented chefs to celebrate family operated farms and ranches raising sheep in the U.S.

At each participating location, chefs will create and serve their most impressive American lamb small plate to win over your palate.

Featured Seattle Chefs

Brock Johnson

Brock Johnson, chef at Lola in Seattle.
Logo for the restaurant Lola in Seattle.
Turkish Lamb Dumplings, Spiced Tomato Sauce, Garlic Yogurt, Aleppo Butter

Mutsuko Soma

Mutsuko Soma, chef at Kamonegi in Seattle
Logo for the restaurant Kamonegi in Seattle.
Lamb Menchi Katsu
cabbage, onion, garlic, Panko, lacto fermented beet sauce, shredded cabbage with a cumin sesame vinaigrette

Stuart Lane

Lamb Scotch Egg
braised lamb with lamb sausage in an egg deep fried

Halie Cantor

Halie Cantor, chef at Mamnoon in Seattle
Shish Barak
middle eastern lamb dumplings; garlic yogurt, pine nuts, crispy shallots, mint

Maximillian Petty

Lamb Leg Char Siu
cucumber & wild onion tartare, garlic fermented honey glaze, mint, coriander, sesame crumb

Carter King

Carter King, chef at Revel in Seattle.
Sticky Spicy Lamb Skewer
mint pistachio Tzatziki, little gem lettuce

Mike Stamey

Mike Stamey, chef at Westward in Seattle.
Logo for the restaurant Westward in Seattle.
Lamb Tartare Tostada
caramelized onion, frenso chili cured egg yolk, mint

David Nichols

David Nichols, chef at Eight Row in Seattle.
Logo for the restaurant Eight Row in Seattle.
Lamb Albondigas
Spicy lamb meatball soup with ground lamb served on fresh soft cheese

Don't Forget to Snap a Photo and Vote!

Visit one of the participating restaurants, snap a photo of your favorite dish and be sure to cast your vote! Someone will win 2 tickets to the Lamb Jam Finale in New York City, plus a $1,500 travel voucher