Why American Lamb?

Buying American lamb is a win-win. You get a flavorful, nutritious meal while helping to sustain farmland and farming communities throughout the United States.

Check out this list of the many reasons to buy American lamb!
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American lamb is fresh.

American lamb is local. It’s also fresh and raised in every state in the United States.
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American lamb is flavorful.

Sheep in the United States graze on natural pastures consisting of high-quality grasses and forage.
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American lamb is nutritious.

American lamb is a nutrient-rich food that contains an average of 22.5 grams of protein per 3-ounce serving.

American lamb production does not use growth hormones.*

It’s a source of pride for the entire American Lamb industry.
*Although growth hormones are not used in US lamb production, they are legal to use.
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Buying American lamb promotes good stewardship.

80,000 family farmers in the United States are committed delivering quality American lamb that was responsibly raised to consumers, chefs and butchers.
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American lamb is a cut above.

Actually, 10 cuts above. From backyard barbecues to holiday celebrations and from appetizers to entrees, American lamb offers versatility of flavor and presentation.
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