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June 5, 2023

New Kittch Partnership Livestreams American Lamb Recipes

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We’ve got big news. We’ve partnered with Kittch, an innovative new video community to bring our favorite American lamb recipes to life through a series of livestreams with chefs throughout the United States. This new platform allows anyone with a computer free access to face-to-face chats with chefs while they cook lamb recipes. 

We’ve already filmed four videos:

You can view videos of these recipes by signing up for Kittch. Even better, you can participate in an upcoming livestream!

Wednesday, June 7 at 5pm ET

Chef Dave Hadley will be cooking Spiced Lamb Kebab with Korma Dripping Sauce. 

Tuesday, June 13

Chef Jasmine Einalhori of ChiChi Eats in New York will be making Lamb Arayes Pita Pockets

We will be streaming more recipes in July with details to be announced soon. Make sure you stay up-to-date by:

  • Joining Kittch and following the American Lamb Board. It’s free and delicious!
  • View our library of lamb recipe videos
  • Check out our schedule of upcoming livestreams
  • Buy American Lamb!

Kittch is the new Food Network for at home chefs, and we’re thrilled to partner with them and chefs to bring you instructional videos on cooking American Lamb.