March 17, 2023


Lamb Jam Restaurant Month

May 2023 | Seattle

Lamb Jam Restaurant Month is an epic dining experience that brings together the most talented chefs to celebrate family operated farms and ranches raising sheep in the U.S.

At each participating location, chefs will create and serve their most impressive American lamb small plate to win over your palate.

Featured Seattle Chefs

Nicco Muratore

Lamb Shawarma Croquette
nettle & spring onion labneh, pickled rhubarb relish, pomegranate molasses

Sophie & Eric Banh

Skewered Bites of Leg of Lamb
served with a Tamarind Sauce

Mayur Thapa

Spiced Lamb Slider

Maximillian Petty

Headshot of Maximillian Petty, a chef at Eden Hill Restaurant
Smoked Lavender Lamb Ham
with preserved ramps, labneh, rye crumble

Cera Lopez

Toothpick Lamb Salad
ramp, black vinegar

Taylor Thomas

Grilled Lamb
ramps, english peas, and mint

Stuart Lane

Controne Yogurt Marinated Lamb Pop
with Black Garlic Marinara, and mint

Brandon Muehl

Lamb Gyoza
crunchy rayu | lamb jus | sunchoke puree