March 17, 2023

Washington, D.C.

Lamb Jam Restaurant Month

May 2023 | Washington, D.C.

Lamb Jam Restaurant Month is an epic dining experience that brings together the most talented chefs to celebrate family operated farms and ranches raising sheep in the U.S.

At each participating location, chefs will create and serve their most impressive American lamb small plate to win over your palate.

Featured Washington, D.C. Chefs

Michael Costa

Lamb Kleftico
Smoked American lamb shoulder and kefalograviera cheese wrapped in house made phyllo, served with dill yogurt

Kevin Tien

Stuffed Fry Bread with Curried Lamb

Rakesh Anand Singh (West End Location)

Tawa Boti Kebab
Boneless cubes of lamb marinated with chilies, ginger, garlic, lemon juice. Cooked on a tawa, served with Sheermal bread.

Demetri Mechelis

Lamb + hummus
with date chutney, zhoug, silk chili and soft pita

Lucy Dakwar (Alexandria Location)

Smoked Lamb Shoulder Spiedini
carrot tahini, pickled ramps, mint, aleppo, toasted focaccia

Ryan Moore

Turkish Cofee Braised Lamb Shoulder
with Tzimmes of sweet potato, carrot, date, and walnuts

Kris Jimenez

Agnello alla Piastra
seared lamb shoulder, celery root puree, pring vegetables, mint salsa verde