June 12, 2023

Why You Should Smoke American Lamb

Smoked lamb on butcher paper

Fire up those smokers! Summer is here and meat is on the menu. But instead of reaching for the traditional options, take a look at smoking American lamb. Smoking lamb offers a unique flavor profile and diverse cut options, making it a culinary experience for your friends and family to enjoy this summer. 

Smoking lamb is similar to other types of meat. All you need is a smoker or a traditional grill using indirect heat. However, that’s where the similarities end. American lamb offers a distinctive flavor and tenderness that’s easy to master from either a seasoned smoker or first-timer. Here are five reasons you should contact your butcher and order American lamb today!

1. Smoked Lamb is Flavorful 

Lamb has a distinct, rich flavor that is enhanced with the smoky, woodsy notes from the smoking process. Lamb’s fat content is typically high, which adds flavor. The choice of smoking wood will have a great impact on cuts of lamb. Fruit woods, such as cherry and apple, pair exceptionally well with the natural flavors of lamb.

2. Smoked Lamb is Tender

Lamb is a tender meat. The connective tissue in lamb breaks down easily during the smoking process, resulting in a juicy and succulent texture. The cut of lamb you choose to smoke will impact the tenderness of the meat. 

  • Lamb shoulder is a relatively tough cut of meat that turns tender when smoked. It has a good amount of marbling, which adds to its flavor and helps keep it moist during the smoking process. 
  • Lamb ribs are tender with a good amount of fat that renders during smoking. Lamb ribs can be served as individual ribs or racks.
  • Lamb leg is a larger cut of meat that can be smoked for special occasions or gatherings. It is typically more lean compared to lamb shoulder or lamb ribs, but still delivers great flavor.
  • Lamb chops are typically more tender compared to other cuts of lamb, and they cook relatively quickly when smoked.
3. Smoked Lamb Loves Seasonings and Marinades

Cast away your traditional dry rubs and barbeque sauces. Lamb’s unique flavor calls for seasonings and marinades that rely heavily on herbs and citrus flavors. Think rosemary, mint, sage and thyme for herbs; coriander, cumin and mustard powder for spices; and any marinades with a solid lemon or orange juice base. 

4. Smoking Lamb is a Global Celebration

Smoking American lamb allows you to go global while using a local cut of meat. In Middle Eastern cultures, particularly in countries such as Iran, Iraq, and Lebanon, smoking lamb is a traditional method that has been used for centuries to prepare flavorful and aromatic dishes with distinct Middle Eastern flavors. Smoked lamb is used in various dishes such as grilled lamb kebabs, lamb shawarma, lamb kofta, and lamb biryanis among others. The slow smoking process enhances the natural flavors of the lamb, making it juicy, tender, and full of smoky goodness.

5. Smoked Lamb is New and Exciting

There’s a good chance your dinner guests have never had smoked lamb. Take them on a culinary adventure with these recipes that make smoked lamb the star of the meal.